Bill Collins Murder Case

The grisly scene took place on Vore Ridge in Athens Ohio in the mid 1970s.

Conrad and Mary Collins were sitting in their easy chairs in front of the television set. Someone came from behind them and with the blast of a shotgun instantly blew their brains all over the living room wall.

Their son, William Leslie Collins (known as Bill Collins), was allegedly staying at a friends house that night. Earlier that evening he reportedly chased another vehicle which was returning home from a church service. He repeatedly flashed his brights on and off, tailgated them and attempted to run them off of the road. He had dropped some microdot LSD and was seen drinking at Whites Mill Inn at Athens late that evening.

The next morning he asked his friend to give him a ride to his home on Vore Ridge. His friend (Bob) drove into the Collins driveway and parked.

Bill got out of the car and said, “Wait right here a minute” and went on inside.

Bill then came back outside, walked over to the drivers side of the car and said, “Bob, come in here for just a moment. I want you to see something.”

Bob protested saying he didn’t want to come in.

This was when Bill very calmly said that his parents had been murdered.

Bill got into the car and Bob drove into town. “Where are you going,” Bill asked.

“Why, I am going to the Sheriff’s office!” Bob replied.

Suddenly Bill opened the car door, while the vehicle was still moving, and jumped out of the car.

“Are you crazy?” Bob screamed.

“My dad always told me that when there is trouble not to go anywhere but to an attorney,” Bill replied.

The crime scene was grisly. Even from the road one could see large blotches of blood on the white curtains that covered the picture window. Mister and Misses Collins brains had been finely sprayed all over the living room walls. Authorities went to Bob’s house where Bill had stayed the night before. Bob had related to them that the first thing Bill did when he arrived was to take a shower. They dug up the drains in Bob’s bathroom and found residue of blood clinging to the sides of the shower drain. Testing proved conclusively that the blood was the blood of Mr. and Mrs. Collins. Analysis proved that traces of sprayed blood found on Bill’s clothing was indeed that of his deceased parents. A shotgun was found by a river near his house. Other evidence pointed toward Bill as the murderer of his parents. He was arrested for double homicide and held in the county jail. The evidence retrieved by authorities was published in the news media including the Athens Messenger.

When the case came to court Bill’s attorney moved that all of the evidence be disallowed during trial. He pointed out that the evidence had been prematurely published by the news media and would prejudice the jurors. Because of this the evidence was found to be inadmissible to court.

Bill was set free.

Through it all Bill never showed any emotion. He never grimaced, showed no remorse or sorrow, and showed no fear. Occasionally he wore a sarcastic sneer.

Bill received a nice chunk of life insurance money from his parents death and sold the homestead and property for a hefty amount. He lived high on the hog for quite awhile.

Yes, Bill went free.

He is still free to this very day.

There were no other suspects in the murder.

Bill was asked by a friend how his parents blood was sprayed onto his clothing. Bill replied, “I was hiding behind a chair and witnessed my parents being shot.” Yet he never offered to reveal any names of persons who killed his very own parents or offered any reason why they were killed. He never showed any sorrow about their premature deaths. He simple wore a frozen sneer and watched the world through glazed and lifeless eyes. Some believed he suffered from psychopathy.

On the Tonight Show Johnny Carson said, “If you want to kill someone and get away with it, just go to Athens County.”

Some years later Bill was seen in the area. His unruly long hair and bushy beard seemed reminiscent of Charles Manson. People were afraid in his presence. Then he disappeared again.

Conrad and Mary Collins, a kind and loving couple, were brutally and savagely murdered in their very own home. The murderer is living somewhere in the United States alive and free.

Somebody got away with murder!

Athens County authorities simply filed the case away and went on with business as usual.

It is time this case be reopened, retried, and the murderer brought to justice.

We cannot forget Conrad and Mary.

We cannot forget that justice was never served.

We cannot forget that a dangerous murderer lurks out their somewhere alive and free.

We cannot forget the mistakes that law enforcement and the legal system made.

Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

Let’s do something about it.

* This is a work in progress. All present photos are dramatizations. Actual photos to be inserted at a later date.

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